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Sports-Related Concussions

August 20, 2020

Dr. James Crownover, an assistant professor of Primary Care Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Augusta University, joins Drs. Brynn Ehlers and Lauren Lim to discuss the management of pediatric concussions.

What exactly is a concussion and when should you be concerned for something more?

What are the must-not-miss symptoms and exam findings?

What tools are available for the initial sideline assessment of sports-related concussions?

Finally, what is the best way to get our pediatric patients back to school and play after suffering a concussion?

All of this and more from the Department of Pediatrics at the Medical College of Georgia.

Special thanks to Dr. Rebecca Yang, Dr. George Hsu and Dr. Jacob Eichenberger who also contributed to this podcast episode.


Crownover, J. (Host). Ehlers, B. (Host). Lim, L. (Host); Eichenberger, J. (Contributor); Hsu, G. (Contributor) Yang, R. (Contributor).  (2020, Aug 20). Pediatric Sports Related Concussions. (S1:13) [Audio Podcast Episode]. MCG Pediatric Podcast. Medical College of Georgia Augusta. 

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Want further reading on this topic? Check out this article published in Pediatrics on sports related concussions in children



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