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Jude’s Story & 22q11 Deletion Syndrome

November 1, 2020

Dr. Charles Scarborough joins the show to discuss the story of his son Jude, and his family's experience with his son's diagnosis with 22q11 deletion syndrome. 

In addition to hearing about the Scarborough's personal experience, we talk about the genetic considerations and common clinical manifestations of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

How do you approach the general diagnostic testing and screening evaluation of a child with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome?

We also discuss the impact that genetic and chronic disease has on our pediatric patients and their families.

Thanks to Dr. Paul Mann, Dr. Liezl Domingo and Dr. Jacqueline Chan for providing guidance and peer review of the technical material in this episode. 


Hodges, Z. (Host). Scarborough, C. (Host).  Mann, P. (Contributor). Chan, J. (Contributor). Domingo, L. (Contributor).  (2020, Nov 1). Jude’s Story/22q11 Deletion Syndrome. (S1:17) [Audio Podcast Episode]. MCG Pediatric Podcast. Medical College of Georgia Augusta.  


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