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One Pill Can Kill

January 15, 2021

Did you know that a single tablet from the medicine cabinet or ingestion of a teaspoon of a liquid  household product can potentially cause morbidity and even death in a child? 


Dr. Jennifer Tucker, a Pediatric Emergency Physician, joins Dr. Rebecca Yang and Pediatric Resident James Davis to discuss the evaluation and management for specific common but dangerous household medications and substances in the household.  

  • Review the basic assessment skills and evaluation for a child presenting with a potential toxic ingestion 
  • Discuss the role of decontamination, diagnostic options, treatment and monitoring for toxic ingestions 
  • Medications reviewed: Calcium Channel Blockers, Clonidine, Oral Hypoglycemics 
  • Household products reviewed are those that contain toxic alcohols, benzocaine, Imidazoline, Camphor, and methylsalycylate 
  • Anticipatory guidance to families regarding potential exposure/ingestion  

 Special thanks to Dr. George Hsu and Dr. Eric Ring for peer reviewing this episode. 


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