The MCG Pediatric Podcast

Sleep Disorders in Children (Part 2)

October 1, 2020

Dr. Katie McKie, a pediatric sleep specialist at the Children's Hospital of Georgia, joins pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Yang to continue their discussion on sleep disorders in the pediatric population.

  • What are the clinical features of restless leg syndrome?
  • What are pharmacologic and alternative options for treatment?
  • When should a patient be referred to a speech specialist?
  • What is a sleep study and what information does it provide?
Special thanks to Dr. Lisa Leggio and Dr. Robert Pendergrast who also contributed to this podcast episode.

McKie, K. (Host). Yang, R. (Host). Leggio, L. (Contributor); Pendergrast, R. (Contributor). (2020, October 1). Pediatric Sleep Disorders Part 2. (S1:15) [Audio Podcast Episode]. MCG Pediatric Podcast. Medical College of Georgia Augusta. 

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